I found that the configure for poppler to enable both qt4 and qt5 seems to
be broken even with the sed fix applied as per the instructions.

Out of shear frustration I deleted the extracted poppler directory and
re-extracted a fresh copy.  I created a build directory within it and

cmake prefix=/usr ..

After it created the make files I checked and saw that it had detected
both qt4 and qt5.

I typed make and it went through the entire build without any errors and
both qt4 and qt5 gets built.

Would it be possible for one of the developers to check this out and
provide instructions for using cmake instead of the broken configure?

I have not installed it, just built it because I am not entirely sure how
to specify the sysconfdir and disabling of static when using cmake.

You get moc errors when using the sed when it comes to building the qt5



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