Em 30-03-2014 12:34, m...@pc-networking-services.com escreveu:

>> After it created the make files I checked and saw that it had detected
>> both qt4 and qt5.

I have, with autotools that it detects both qt4 and 5, but only builds
the wrapper for the first one in the path.

>> I typed make and it went through the entire build without any errors and
>> both qt4 and qt5 gets built.

Do you mean that both libpoppler-qt4.so and libpoppler-qt5.so are built
and installed?

> Well I have managed to work out how to change the instructions to using
> cmake:
> mkdir build &&
> cd    build &&
>       -Wno-dev .. &&
>        make
> I was not able to get it to do anything with the sysconfdir.  I tried:
> and after generating the make files it said that, that option was unused
> in the project.  There is no mention of that directory in the
> CMakeCache.txt file so it may well be that it has not been added.


Please, I would like to know what I asked above.

Meanwhile, I just found that "CMake build system" was introduced in
2008, so, I am wondering why devs in the book kept considering only
autotools build. I've seen a comment about problems with glib-side
developers of poppler regarding cmake, but these are old, from 2010.

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