On 02/12/18 10:02, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
Baho Utot wrote:
BLFS-8.1 Python3

This link returns 40

Also, Pythoon3 is now in LFS.  Current version is 3.6.4.  The next version of LFS/BLFS will be released in about 3 weeks, but the development version is very close to the future 8.2.

   -- Bruce

When 8.2 comes out I will most likely rebuild my current project to 8.2. For now I am using 8.1 and I want to finish that project so I can move from FreeBSD back to linux.

Are there many packages that still use python 2?

Having to make the choice between python 2 and python 3 for the Xorg build. I am going to build KDE first and then I am going to try to port Lumina to LFS.
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