On 2/12/2018 3:29 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:
On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 11:02:06AM -0500, Baho Utot wrote:

Are there many packages that still use python 2?

It depends on what you regard as "many", but certainly several
common desktop packages.

· Just about anything from mozilla.  In related packages, rustc
   appears to build with python3, but I reverted to 2 because I had a
   *lot* of inexplicable failures (either building rustc stopped, or
   building firefox exited my script before installing, after an
   apparently successful build, or one or other of these faled with
   a random error.

· gimp-help (and it needs libxml built with Python2), libxslt might
   also need that).  And for gimp itself, python scripts are probably
   still expecting 2.

· lots of random python scripts, e.g. in texlive.  Perhaps some of
   them will work with 3, but by the time I get to that stage
   "Python"  is installed as python2 (and upstream python recommends
   installing 3 as 3 not as plain Python).

· inkscape probably only works with 2 (upstream are still
   concentrating on moving to gtk3, and on getting everything moved
   to different hosting).

Conversely, current itstool requires python3, and lots of things are
moving to meson which also requires 3.

Having to make the choice between python 2 and python 3 for the Xorg build.
I am going to build KDE first and then I am going to try to port Lumina to

Summary: if you want a reasonably-complete system, both versions of
python will be required for the foreseeable future (and the amount
of packages/scripts "in the wild" suggests 2 will still be needed
for some time after it has been abandonned upstream.

Some distros (e.g. Arch) prefer /usr/bin/python to be 3, but then
they have workarounds for the packages which still need 2.  I think
that fedora (a main driver for trying to get rid of the old python2
stuff before 2 becomes unmaintained) went back to installing 2 for
python, and using /usr/bin/python3 as their preferred version.

For stuff using Qt, I have no real idea what needs either version of
python, but I will be surprised if nothing in kde needs python2.


well I guess I am about to find out.... I am going with python 3 only so I will see how far I get with that.
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