Ok I got Xorg built and it works ( imagine that! )

I want to build KDE as my desktop.

Years ago ( BLFS 7.5 days ) the KDE build was straight forward kind of ending with kdm.

I am going to start at the beginning of the KDE section/chapter and proceed. Reading through the KDE section from start to finish ( I think that is always a good idea, but I could be wrong ) How far into the build do I have to go to get KDE running ( not complete just something that comes up under Xorg ) ? I use to build to a certain place (KDE4) then I could start the kde desktop and finish the building process.

I could have missed it but I did not see a window manager nor a program like the old kdm to launch the beast. How does one launch KDE assuming all of the KDE section was built?

Looking for pointers


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