Baho Utot wrote:
Ok I got Xorg built and it works ( imagine that! )

I want to build KDE as my desktop.

Years ago ( BLFS 7.5 days ) the KDE build was straight forward kind of ending with kdm.

I am going to start at the beginning of the KDE section/chapter and proceed.  Reading through the KDE section from start to finish ( I think that is always a good idea, but I could be wrong )  How far into the build do I have to go to get KDE running ( not complete just something that comes up under Xorg ) ?  I use to build to a certain place (KDE4) then I could start the kde desktop and finish the building process.

I could have missed it but I did not see a window manager nor a program like the old kdm to launch the beast.  How does one launch KDE assuming all of the KDE section was built?

The KDE Display Environment is called plasma.

For starting, see the section named "Starting Plasma5"

  -- Bruce
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