I've recently bought a new laptop featuring an i7 CPU. I'm wondering what are 
the chances of my current LFS-7.10 system compiled on my rather old Core 2 Duo 
rig running on this new laptop (provided the kernel is recompiled accordingly 
to include the correct drivers). No optimization flags were used during the 
build of the system in question.

I had a read through the 6.3.3 section of The Book's current version and I'm 
not quite sure how "same" these two architectures actually are (or are not). 
Since it'd be a move from and older architecture to a newer one of the same 
vendor, I'd be inclined to believe things might work. But perhaps I'm missing 
something (quite possibly in fact) and so an information along the lines of 
"no, this will never work" would save me some time and I could start building a 
new system straight away.



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