> It is a pure 64-bit system. That should possibly help my case even 
> further, shouldn't it?

In so far as the kernel 64-bit CPU support is rather generic yet.  But tread 
carefully.  Pay attention to all glitches.  Boot single-user mode, no 
non-essential "services", with most of your "attachments" unplugged.  Then 
rebuild your kernel for your particular hardware.  Explore!  Check the GUI.  
Repeat with "standalone", runlevel 2, and more services.  Explore all those and 
make sure they're functioning right.  Only then, runlevel 3.  If something is 
going to go haywire, you want to catch it before it can do damage to all your 
work--it's faster than having to do that all again! ;-)

Paul Rogers
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