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> Hello,
> I've recently bought a new laptop featuring an i7 CPU. I'm wondering what are 
> the chances of my current LFS-7.10 system compiled on my rather old Core 2 
> Duo rig running on this new laptop (provided the kernel is recompiled 
> accordingly to include the correct drivers). No optimization flags were used 
> during the build of the system in question.
> I had a read through the 6.3.3 section of The Book's current version and I'm 
> not quite sure how "same" these two architectures actually are (or are not). 
> Since it'd be a move from and older architecture to a newer one of the same 
> vendor, I'd be inclined to believe things might work. But perhaps I'm missing 
> something (quite possibly in fact) and so an information along the lines of 
> "no, this will never work" would save me some time and I could start building 
> a new system straight away.
> Thanks.
> Vaclav
It's not just the kernel. You'll probably need to recompile gmp, which 
optimises itself to the architecture it's built on. 

I once transferred a set of LFS Chapter 5 tools from a desktop machine with an 
Intel Core Duo to a laptop with a Via Nano, and I got a lot of apparently 
random segfaults through the early stages of chapter 6. No one could tell me 
why. But once I had a full local set of primary compilation tools, the crashes 

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