What I've done myself is create a folder on my c drive called audiogames which I've made an exception from windows defender scanning where I can install things like Crazy party, and I can say it's worked very well indeed, far better than exceptions used to work under Avg in fact.

To make an exceptions folder, open windows defender by hitting the "actions recommended" button in the notification area, then find "antivirus" and hit the "antivirus settings" button.

After this tab to the "exceptions" button and then find "add exception" you can select a process, file type, file or folder, obviously if you want to make a folder an exception you select that and browse to itt.


i confess I was a little narked when I saw windows defender doing this, and I had quite the hunt to find the settings, but once I did sort out the exceptions it's been %100 fine.


All the best,

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You know what happened to me? I downloaded betta 56, and windows defender said i had some threats, When i did a deep scan, it found threats, so i took the reccomended actions to clean it. and now of course i can't upgrade. Boo hiss. I got the download from the official website. I don't know what the problem is.

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