Seconded. Focus on getting better first. We'll still be here when you get 

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Sent: Friday, April 06, 2018 6:43
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Subject: Re: [blind-gamers] Updates on What's Going ON With LWorks

I hope you get soon well big L!


On 4/6/18, Liam Erven <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone.
> As you know, I've been working on Brain Station, but have been quiet for 
> an
> extended amount of time. I thought I'd take a moment and explain what's 
> up.
> Around the middle of March I was hospitalized for about ten days. I will 
> not
> go in to the particular details of why since it's rather personal, but
> needless to say it was not a fun time. The end result is that I was put on
> some pretty strong medicine which my body is still adjusting to. It tends 
> to
> make me tired and foggy. Coding to say the least has been almost
> impossible.
> I'm hoping that by the middle to end of April I'll be back to working on
> code, but I just don't know. Meds may have to be adjusted which can be a
> long process.
> I still plan on releasing Brain Station, but I don't have a time table at
> this moment.
> I just want to let the community know that. 1. I'm perfectly okay, and 2. 
> I
> haven't forgotten about you guys. I still have games to make, and I plan 
> on
> getting them done.
> Liam
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