Hi Liam,

  Thanks for letting us know. Your health definitely comes first. The games can 





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Hi Everyone. 

As you know, I've been working on Brain Station, but have been quiet for an 
extended amount of time. I thought I'd take a moment and explain what's up.

Around the middle of March I was hospitalized for about ten days. I will not go 
in to the particular details of why since it's rather personal, but needless to 
say it was not a fun time. The end result is that I was put on some pretty 
strong medicine which my body is still adjusting to. It tends to make me tired 
and foggy. Coding to say the least has been almost impossible.

I'm hoping that by the middle to end of April I'll be back to working on code, 
but I just don't know. Meds may have to be adjusted which can be a long process.

I still plan on releasing Brain Station, but I don't have a time table at this 

I just want to let the community know that. 1. I'm perfectly okay, and 2. I 
haven't forgotten about you guys. I still have games to make, and I plan on 
getting them done.




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