I agree with Al completely except that I would add one more caveat; when 
switching fuel canisters you do need to be certain that attachment hoses are 
tightly and cleanly fastened.  By "cleanly fastened" I mean you must be 
careful to not cross thread those connectors because that could cause a 
leak.  It isn't difficult to make certain hoses are correctly attached but 
it is something that you need be aware.  A sighted person can usually apply 
a film of soapy water on the connections and watch for any bubbling; 
unfortunately a blind person does not have this safe guard option so extra 
care should be taken when swapping out fuel canisters.

But, boy, will you like cooking with one of those gas grills.  Especially 
when you decide at 4:50 in the afternoon to make dinner outside on the 
grill.  Personally, I still use charcoal grills and I suspect they are 
seriously more dangerous than a gas grill - no open flames and all that with 

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