I have used a gas grill for over 30 years, no problem.  Two things to help, 
make sure your lid is open when you light the thing, and know where your meat 
is when it comes time to turn it or take it off the grill.  It also helps to 
have a water source near by in case of flare ups.  I try to not use meats 
without a lot of fat or grease, that's helps with controling the flare ups.
Enjoy it, but expect a few tricky moments from time to time.

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  The honey & I, being both totally blind, want to know how easy or difficult 
it is to use a gas outdoor grill?
  We're both pretty confident cookds, but something just scares me about the 
whole gas thing!
  I guess I'd like to know how doable it is?


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