Hi Alan,

I have purchased at least one of those gas stoves with the buttons for the
oven controls. My wife took the stick on bubbles to mark the important
buttons (buttons? Rather the space where you need to press) and it worked
out quite nice.

Most gas stoves are set so the oven comes on at 350F when you start and
pressing the up or down button raises or lowers the temp by 5F.

I also like the cast iron grates for the pots. On the electric stoves that
fifth burner is only for holding something as it does not get hot enough to
really cook anything.

One thought, if your area is subject to frequent power outages the
electronic ignition is not all that great an idea. If there is no
electricity you have no oven - unless - you have an inverter which you can
plug your stove into then you could have enough electricity to light the
oven. When we had the great ice storm in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2007 I sure wish
I have been able to use the oven because it was blamed cold for the two
weeks we had no power.

Cy, The Anasazi




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We are looking at new refrigerators as well. Hour's is making sounds I 
don't like and the unit is 24 years old as is. It came with the house so it 
wasn't the best model in the line to start with. I've gone around and 
around in my mind over the ice maker question. On one hand it would be nice 
to always have ice and cold water. On the other hand, a 2 quart bottle of 
filtered water for coffee making works just as well. I have found out that 
cold water makes better tasting coffee. I've finally decided to skip the 
ice maker and have more freezer space for food. We don't use all that much 
ice and so the occasional 8 pound bag from the corner store works for me.

I went the same rounds several years back over a water filter. Although the 
smell of a swimming pool comes out the city water tap, there is no evidence 
to suggest it's harmful to drink. That leaves a matter of personal 
preference. I certainly don't want my coffee smelling like the pool. I 
don't care if I shower in it but I don't want to drink it. So. I looked at 
hole house systems. Now your talking money. The filters for such systems 
cost in the hundred dollar range and upward. As I've said, I don't care if 
I shower or wash my hair with the stuff, I'm just not going to drink it. We 
wound up buying a Pure Ultimate water filter which attaches to a kitchen 
faucet. Flip the lever up for filtered water or down for city water. The 
filter turns off when it's time to change out the filter cartridge. I buy 
those at Costco and there are 6 filters in the box for $50. If you buy them 
1 at a time, they go for $17 each or about 102 bucks so that's why we do 
Costco. Just because you have an ice maker doesn't mean you have to use it.

That brings me around to another topic I'd like to ask about. I like the 
new gas stoves with the caste-iron grates and a big center burner. A great 
place for that huge pot everybody seems to have. The problem is the buttons 
and controls. The gas knobs are returning to the front of the stove but the 
oven is a touch plate and appears to be totally useless for the blind. I'd 
like to hear about your experiences if you've bought a new gas stove in the 
past year or so.


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>I am thinking about installing a water filter. Although we are on municipal

>water it sometimes is not clear and often has a strong chlorine smell. The 
>new refrigerator that will be delivered tomorrow has a water filter 
>installed. I have been thinking about placing one in the basement under the

>kitchen sink area. then run the lines to the cold water and for the ice 
>maker. Any suggestions on what kind to install. Doing a search there is 
>only about 3 million hits to read. I called some big box stores and they 
>have no real great suggestions. They have sediment filters starting for $35

>and on the net I found systems for several thousand dollars.
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