I measured 6 feet down from the top then wrapped masking tape around the post 
marking that distance. Once I had the string at the right height, and you may 
want to use a hoe or shovel to knock down any high points on the ground) it is 
then just a matter of setting the posts with the tape height to the string. 
They will be in a straight line provided you don't deflect the string with your 
post. You may even wish to use a stake a little thicker than the posts allowing 
half an inch or so each side just to keep yourself from deflecting the string 
as you go.

Be careful, a come-along will easily put a lot of stress on the fencing and may 
deflect the posts.

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  masonry string and marking the posts with tape to know the depth to 
  sink it is a good idea.

  At 07:06 PM 9/1/2010, you wrote:

  >What I did was to drive stakes into the ground at the corners then 
  >loop a good strong string, masonry string is excellent for the 
  >purpose around the posts so that there are two parallel strings 
  >between which I could mark and dig my holes. This also allowed me to 
  >determine the height since the ground isn't nice and level but you 
  >probably want the top of the fence to be level for appearance. You 
  >can then decide on height and I marked each steel post with tape at 
  >the desired height so I would know exactly how deep to sink them.


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