You still need the posts to be installed to the same depth as the other posts.  
So if you have fur feet showing on level ground, that's what you want on the 
incline.  The posts on the incline have to remain plumb, or level up and down.  
That can be a challenge if you refer to the ground.  Using a level, check on 
two sides of the post, 90 degrees from each other to make sure it is vertical 
in both directions.  The 90 degrees will take the sway or lean out of the post .
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  Hi all,

  Ok, sorry to change horses mid stream, but, I decided to go with a 
  chain link fence. Lots more expensive, but, I feel it will help the 
  property value stay up. Got it all sussed out, except for one thing.

  Part of the fence will be going up an incline. I read something on 
  the lowes url about needing to do something different for an end post 
  which is on an incline or decline, but, I did not understand what it 
  said. Can any one shed some light on this situation?

  Thanks for all the help.


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