Thanks for the help with method and tools.

I have all the tools I need other than a 
come-a-long and the pole driver. I have a friend 
which will lend me his pole driver.

Do I need to set the corner posts in concrete?

At 06:49 PM 9/1/2010, you wrote:
>That is a fairly easy job to do. You need to 
>call the utility companies in your area and ask 
>about checking for wires of all sorts, water and 
>gas lines. It's a free service unless you wreck one of the lines.
>Years ago I was putting up some chain link 
>fencing and was trying to drive in the posts. 
>They are nothing more than light gauge metal pipe.
>Lowes had a tool that dropped down over the pipe 
>and the top end was closed. There are two 
>handles that come out from the sides of this 
>first piece and you hold them. The posts are 
>driven in the ground by lifting this tool up and 
>slamming it down on the post. It's a right heavy 
>tool but it does a great job at driving posts in 
>the ground. And it doesn't destroy the end of the post.
>In the event you go with chain link, you might 
>consider a come along as well. Doesn't have to 
>be super powerful because you'd wreck something 
>if you went crazy drawing it up. But a couple 
>tons would lend a hand in stretching the chain 
>link sections. Then you'll have your hands free to connect the nuts and bolts.
>A thirty pound dog won't require the posts be 
>set in concrete other than possibly the posts at the gate.
>Any sales rep can show you what you need to know 
>about assembly right in the store.
>Probably going to need a couple half inch or 
>9/16 wrenches for the nuts and bolts, I 
>recommend the come along, a level that's really 
>about it. Everything else is probably not going 
>to be necessary. However, I'm pretty sure it's 
>against some rule to buy the minimum in tools. I 
>know I'd be ashamed if I did such a terrible deed.
>So having said that... You probably need a 
>socket set and a set of combination wrenches to 
>put the different parts of the fence together.
>I'd go for a power auger to set the posts and a 
>small cement mixer to mix the concrete you will use to set the posts.
>You might want a laser level and an audible 
>level as well because you can't always be sure 
>one is 100% accurate. Good to have an extra to compare with.
>It's possible you'll need some vise grips in 
>case the sockets and wrenches don't do all you need.
>This should definitely get your fence up and add 
>to the ever growing collection of tools you need 
>to combat life's situations. And the list will 
>be shorter next time you take on another project that calls for tools.
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>Hi group,
>I am looking in to getting a dog. This dog will be for in doors but I
>want a fenced area for the pet to run and for us to play out in the
>air. I have an area walled up on two sides, one side the house brick
>wall and the other side a wood wall of a room addition. I am thinking
>about having the gate on the wooden wall running along the same plane
>as the wall, then running the fence at a ninety degree angle to the
>gate, perpendicular to the brick wall and joining an end fence
>running perpendicular to the wood wall of the room addition and
>boxing off the end joining the brick wall to the other ninety degree fence.
>This will give about a 25 by 50 foot area. As this will not be a
>big dog, not more than about 30 LBS. this should be enough area,
>don't you agree?
>I looked at some mettle fencing, I think it was called welded wire,
>which looks like it would do the job nicely. Also looked at some
>mettle fence posts and some wire clamps to attach the fence to the
>posts. I also have an idea of what to get for the gate and it's fasteners.
>Now, my concerns are what is involved in putting up the fence? Do I
>need to have the ground checked by some one to see about water or
>electrical lines I may puncture with the posts? What tools will I
>need and what methods do I need to familiarize my self with before
>starting this project?
>Thanks for any help you can give.
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