On 25 Aug, Geoffrey Hutchison wrote:
> On Aug 25, 2008, at 3:56 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> There is no indication in the babel-1.6 source tree that I could find
>> to indicate that it is not FOSS.
> If you take a look at any source file:
>> This file is part of the Babel Program
>> Copyright (C) 1992-96 W. Patrick Walters and Matthew T. Stahl
>> All Rights Reserved

This common perception about the rights reserved clause is mistaken,
and many free software sources have such a clause.  They nonetheless
satisfy every definition of software freedom, unless the copyright
holder has stipulated some restriction, on distribution for example, or
moved to quell the inclusion of the code in other programs.  It is clear
to me from the readme file that the authors intended to encourage
downloading and redistribution, etc.

> To me, that pretty much rules out open source.
>> It looks like openbabel-2.1.1 is in the package tree, and it would  
>> be worth checking out I take it.  In
> I'd certainly suggest Open Babel 2.2.0. Trust me, it has a lot of  
> fixes over 2.1.1. :-)

Thanks again!

Michael L. Love

> Cheers,
> -Geoff

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