Hi all,

Sporadically we've been hearing about people sending us "Bug Reports" or
"Support Tickets" via the GUI and us never responding to them. I
couldn't replicate the issue, as function tests and our logs did not
indicate any problems.

But I just figured out what happened there and why:

A few months ago when IPv6 support was added to BlueOnyx 5209R I also
made the YUM repositories, the BlueOnyx website and support.blueonyx.it
dual stack capable. So they were reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6.

When you submit a ticket via the GUI to us, then the GUI of your
BlueOnyx (via a Perl-Handler) does a POST request to
https://support.blueonyx.it with the data from your ticket.

That way we make sure that the data is passed along in an encrypted fashion.

The Perl-Handlers that do the POST request had two issues:

1.) It didn't properly report to the GUI if a submission had failed.

2.) Due to a bug in Perl module IO::Socket the Perl-Module we use to do
the POST request (LWP::UserAgent) will default to use IPv6 for the POST
request *if* your server is on an IPv6 capable network. Even if you
don't have IPv6 configured. In that case the POST request will timeout.

The tickets we were still getting were either from servers that had
working IPv4 *and* IPv6 configured, or who were using only IPv4 from
behind networks that only supported IPv4 anyway.

To fix the issue I did two things:

1.) Released an updated base-support module for 5207R/5208R and 5209R.

2.) I removed the IPv6 DNS records from support.blueonyx.it for now.

If you sent a ticket and never received a response from us, then I'm
really sorry. Please try again now and it should work.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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