Hi David, *,

I don't know what is your purpose. You sent your submitting to the SC a third 
now (if I count right). Why are you doing this. I told you in my last mail that 
is not necessary. You pay no attention to the netiquette. What's the reason for 
behavior? I'm very curious.

Am Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011, 21:23:01 schrieb David Nelson:
> Hi Andreas, :-)
> Thought: I think that odfauthors.org is a great resource for smaller
> Open Source projects that don't have the people, time or resources to
> properly develop their own documentation.

It seemed to me as if you have no knowledge about the power of the Plone CMS 
(in its 
current version).

> But I think it's in the best interests of a *major* software project
> like LibreOffice to have an in-house documentation team that is really
> specialized in the product.

Did you know how big the documentation team of OOo is (was). We are in the 
of OOo here. We continue our former work under a new roof under different 

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