Dreaming is free, but not for TDF, the great effort needed for this matter, 
without establishing a plausible plan, will lead us to invest resources, 
material and personal, perhaps for nothing, detracting them from other areas, 
also important, too much risk.

OTOH, sorry but having Andreas (hope not misleading the person) as reference 
does not have my support, I have always seen in him a bit of a bitter attitude.


I also don't like the confrontation with the companies that support us, instead 
of finding ways to work together, seems to me the reason to be here. While I 
think there is no other solution, especially on this matter. Hope we can get 
some bridges back.


I can give +1 if a credible plan is established.



Miguel Ángel Ríos



From: tdf-internal 
 On Behalf Of Daniel A. Rodriguez
Sent: domingo, 10 de julio de 2022 22:42
To: board-discuss@documentfoundation.org
Cc: tdf-inter...@lists.documentfoundation.org
Subject: [tdf-internal] Open letter for revive LOOL, add your +1 if you agree


We, the undersigned, would like to express our great concern regarding the 
definitive closure of the repository of what was LibreOffice Online. 
Considering the mission of facilitating access to information and communication 
technologies as a fundamental and strategic achievement of inclusion and 
exercise of digital sovereignty.

As a foundation committed to eliminating the digital divide in society by 
giving everyone free access to office productivity tools, the most important 
thing is to demonstrate that we are committed to offering alternatives to all 
those individuals and organizations that lack the resources to hire corporate 

We intend with this message, an absolute rethinking of the vote that 
established the current condition of the repository, which belongs to the 
community and should welcome improvements from all over the community, as we 
consider it goes against the objectives outlined by The Document Foundation.

To avoid the process of atticization, as the clock is already ticking, and, at 
the same time, emphasize the global nature of the foundation we urge full 
consideration of the two proposals that have been made so far.

Support Andreas Mantke's effort to revive the LOOL project. Who has already 
succeeded in upgrading the pre-fork code base to current libraries and 
dependencies versions. 
Implement the OxOffice On Line Community Version fork that already has several 
improvements before the LOOL version has been frozen, including those 
implemented in the commercial versions, and bugs fixed by them as they see fit. 

In any case, since this is a community version TDF must show its commitment to 
its core values and do everything in their power to grow LOOL community in 
order to continue development.

Sincerely yours, LibreOffice Community Members and Activists around the world.



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