Hi Andreas,

Andreas Mantke wrote on 30/11/2022 19:56:
Am 30.11.22 um 14:20 schrieb Cor Nouws:

is that she read things at another location. Thus I've mentioned the
minutes where I do not point at people, but reflect on the content.
(Note the difference with what she describes).

I quote your statements from the board-meeting at 14.11.2022:

No problem for me that you give that some extra attention ;)

-------- Begin quote ----------

   * really looks as if Paolo's behavior shows a lack of understanding
     * fundamental principle of TDF being a community
     * also the balance of cooperating companies
     * shared interests, statutes restricting influence
   * Paolo's comments show no understanding
   * one of the board's major responsibilities to maintain a modus
operandi that best serves TDF's goals
     * respecting, understanding and supporting synergy vital
   * Paolo’s personal and business situation ignored so far
     * failed to establish a business relation with Collabora and CIB
     * interested in other ways to get online solutions?
     * a one sided, negative, attitude towards ecosystem companies?
     * now telling TDF/Directors what they should do?
   * all this has lead to a bad proposal?
   * the board should look into this issue first

------------   End quote ------------------

Noticing now that's not the end of the story though..
But this is clearly showing the facts about Paolo, whom is telling others for a long time in a strong no-compromise-style manner what to do, but who himself appears to be in a very interesting position.

That's really a reflect on the content only?

Only? Don't think so. But your frame is not correct:
This is not what I brought in for information on the content to answer Sophie. Oh, Let me not ask your thoughts on the fact that he denied for a year + to declare his personal/business interest ;)

You blunt attack another board member during a board meeting and the
chair of the meeting is not stopping you and give you advise about the

Apparently I gave a word to a mutually felt frustration in a way that was not too bad?

But everyone who subscribe not to your view get an advise from the chair
/ moderator.

Again your frame is not correct. It is character assassination.

What an unbalanced environment had TDF become since some years.
What an unbalanced environment had TDF become since some years.
It shows no respect face to face with the members. If this is your
understanding of the communication with the members you needn't think
about the strategy for the future of TDF, but about an advanced training
to improve your skills.

So I think with my explanation those words are not in place, Andreas?

See above. Your words speaks volumes.

Again your frame is not correct.
You accused me of willingly misleading/not replying to Sophie. My response showed that your characterization is false.

AFAIC: Enough said. But feel free to call to talk over it more/again.


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