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Marina Latini wrote:
As per today, there are  8 open pull requests[5] and some of them are in
German. Is there any  plan to translate the content or close the PRs in
German and reopen new PRs in English?

I'd leave that to the maintainers. But sure, having PRs in English would
presumably increase the chances of getting them merged.

To clarify - my expectation is, once the project would be at TDF's,
that future PRs would be done in English (as the most inclusive way).

All current PRs against master are in English already.

There are a few German ones left which are against the 18.2 branch which is still maintained by LHM. Over time, these should be merged or closed. Sure, any contributor can port those PRs against master, and then they should be filed in English of course.

As per today, there are 14 open issues[6] and some of them are in German.
Like for the case of the pull requests, is there any plan to translate the
content or close the issues in German and reopen new issues in English?

Same answer as for PRs, that should be decided by those doing the work.

But yeah, my preference would be switching also the existing ones to
English (Samuel or Björn, what's your take here?).
Yes, these should be converted to master (after checking they are still valid).

The jenkinsfile is mentioning the integration with SonarQube[9] for
the the security scans, is there any plan to also move the SonarQube
setup under the TDF infra?

I'd also leave that to the maintainers, and our infra team. SonarQube
needs an extra server (I think), and has an opencore business model -
so whether that's a good fit for TDF infra needs discussion.

Samuel or Björn: is there any value in migrating that Jenkinsfile

I think it does make sense to either use the Cloud version of SonarQube (as we do with Coverity), or host it ourselves (up to Infra team to decide). Might add value to other TDF java projects as well (Java parts of LibreOffice, LOEclipse, etc).



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