Amen!  You do NOT want to get mixed up with a hantavirus, definitely not
Mike W2IY

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DANGER ! DO NOT clean up mouse droppings dry. DO NOT vacuum them up. The
dust is dangerous. 

Mouse droppings can contain all sorts of serious diseases and often do. 
Use a disinfectant wetting and cleaning agent such as Clorox spray cleaner
or Formula 409. 

Wear protective gloves and a breather. 

Wet the droppings with the spray first, let sit for a minute or 2 (read
instructions on spray) , and then use a paper towel or equivalent to
carefully remove. 
Repeat as required. 

Throw all in to a plastic trash bag, seal, and dispose of immediately. Same
with the gloves. 

As a bonus, the 409/Clorox will clean the desk and remove any grease/grime. 

We have enough things like HV and boatanchor weight to hurt us. We do not
need another. 

Nice find and good luck 


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Nice find. I would certainly be wearing a dust mask when doing the 
initial cleaning. Mice leavings can carry all kinds of bad stuff. 

Jim ~ N5MSJ 

On 9/20/2016 7:25 PM, Gary Franklin wrote: 
> I have recently been given a Desk Kilowatt. It has been saved from 
> the landfill! It has set for many years in a small building on the 
> owners property. The condition is not too bad .... except for the 
> mouse invasion over the years. I see no evidence of mice dining on 
> the wiring! thank goodness! but mouse urine has certainly caused 
> considerable corrosion! Take a look at this link for photo's: 
> I am the bald one in the photo's. Any restoration suggestions would 
> be welcomed! 
> Gary, K8BKB 
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