On 08/08/17 8:23 , David Anderson wrote:
> https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/SoftwareTesting

Thanks for the link. That document shows why we are in disagreement.
There are statements in there which are invalid generalized conclusions
based on limited personal experience and knowledge. Something we already
saw happening a number of times in the recent discussions. I obviously
won't blame anyone for a limited viewpoint - we all have these
limitations in one way or another. What I do criticize is the lack of
reflection and reconsideration when challenged. This is unscientific and
dangerous as it leads to a skewed perception of key concepts we try to
base the future on. Some examples:

- "development workflow [...] depend on our ability to test"
- "Developer, by themselves, are unable to test the server software"
- the whole paragraph on "Automated testing"

Similar things can be said about
https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/DevMethodologies as well, at least
in two key sentences or the apparent conclusions derived from them:

- "Once we let go of the idea that master should be stable (which is
impossible for reasons given here, there is no reason to require that
developers use any particular methodology."
- "the use of branches is orthogonal. You can practice either model with
or without creating development branches. It's up to the developer."

I can go into the details but first I need to know my voice is heard.

We can't have a constructive discussion as long as there are still
severe misunderstandings at play. We should find a way to address that
but I for one am out of ideas how.


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