On 08/08/17 11:55 , Steffen Möller wrote:
> More discussions in this thread do more harm than good in my experience,

Well, at least a few people pointed out that they indeed learned a lot
from these discussions. Apart from that I think the positions of
everyone who voiced an opinion became a lot clearer which helps to
understand each other.

> Nobody will voluntarily change behaviors because of an email thread.

Sad, but true (fortunately not universally). I'll try and stop trying.

> One needs
> to experience first hand how a different development model works to
> learn from that.

Yep, so let's get a revised process model into place (by democratic
decision) and let it show its benefits.

>>> No need to outsmart them.
>> Outsmart? The kernel folks? As you know, we haven't even established the
>> bare bones yet. Where do we try to outsmart anyone?
> Missunderstanding. "you" as in a) (the current git routine in BOINC) are
> trying to do something different than the git-routine of b) for no particular
> reason.

Aha, thanks for this clarification! This makes way more sense as it's in
line again with your previous statements on this matter :-)

Hint @all: b) presumably means "any other larger Open Source project"


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