chumbo wrote: 
> Sorry but...what does CSPAN have  to do with NPR? It's just a completely
> different radio.

NPR is a like a federation of local stations.  There is common content
provided by NPR which the local ststaiuon cna use as they see fit and
given US many time zones - when they see fit.

There is no single broadcast main service.  There is a 5 minute news
podcast which is updated on the hours.  A few years ago there was a
better live servic ebtu I haven't see it for while.

IIRC CSPAN is mainly political station broadcasting a lot of stuff from
federal govt proceedings - so CSPAN Radio it is a Washington DC "local"
station in terms - if local can be considered to be congress, senate,
committees, hearing etc. - it will take NPR content to fill parts of its

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