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>I agree with you that retrying every few seconds isn't nice, but I 
>haven't yet come up with a better way to do it. There's no obvious way 
>for brltty to know that a new Bluetooth device has been turned on, come
within range, etc.

You've given me an idea. I wonder what you, and others, think of it:

Brltty could have a setting (or maybe it should jsut do it) to put an on/off
control into a notification. This'd make it easy for a user to turn brltty
off when he/she doesn't want to use a braille device, e.g. when going out
somewhere. Additionally, locking/reawakening the Android device could
automatically turn brltty back on again in case it's turned off by mistake.

I like this approach. I use a braille display on my Android device
occationally, so for me brltty doesn't have to be active all the time. Also
you could decide to poll a few times after the device is unlocked, so if the
user cannot access the notification, e.g. because (s)he doesn't hear the
speech, they could just lock/unlock to get the display connected.

1. if unlocking poll a few times for a braille display
2. If none found, suspend brltty and show a foreground notification that can
re-initiate the polling.
3. If connection to the display gets lost, poll a few more times and if that
fails, restore the foreground notification.

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