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>Using the latest brltty i’ve got som irritating problems when i wake my pc up 
>from Sleep.

Which earlier release of brltty worked properly, or has this always been a 

>Using Vinux 5 brltty does not wake up automatically but if i disconnect and 
>connect my Papenmeier Els 40 it starts with the side effect that i can not 
>move through the screen.

Do you still see changing output as the screen is updated, though? For example, 
do you see new characters on the braille display as you type them on the 
computer's keyboard?

>The navigation bar is not responding.

So something about USB input didn't recover.

>Only a beep sound is heard like when you’re at the top or the bottom of the 

Always, or only after you press up/down enough times? Maybe it's screen updates 
that you aren't seeing.

>Also if i set brltty to skip blank lines i can not use the display to navigate 
>in Orca.

Yes, that's probably expected. With that setting, brltty sends a different pair 
of commands that Orca probably isn't supporting.

>So what should i provide to make it possible for You to track down my problem?

Tw things:

First: Please describe for me how to put my system to sleep and then to wake it 
back up again. Hopefully, I can reproduce your problem here.

Second: Please capture a debug log with:


Start the log before you put your system to sleep, and leave it running until 
after you reproduce the problem after waking your system back up. Please leave 
noticeable time gaps before the sleep and before the wakeup so that those 
events can be more easily located within the log. Try to let me know exactly 
when the sleep and wakeup took place based on your system's clock (which is 
what's in the log file).

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