[quoted lines by Anders Holmberg on 2016/09/23 at 00:21 +0300]

>>>Only a beep sound is heard like when you???re at the top or the bottom of 
>>>the screen.
>>Always, or only after you press up/down enough times? 

You didn't answer this question. Maybe it wasn't clear.

Do you hear a beep every single time you try to move, say, up or down, or do 
you need to repeatedly press the up or down key enough times to reach the top 
or bottom of the screen before you start to hear the beep?

>>>Also if i set brltty to skip blank lines i can not use the display to 
>>>in Orca.
>>Yes, that's probably expected. With that setting, brltty sends a different 
>>of commands that Orca probably isn't supporting.
>And what is orca not supporting thats need to be supported.

When the Skip Identical Lines preference isn't set then brltty delivers the 
command pair LNUP/LNDN to Orca. When it is set then brltty delivers the command 

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