> ...but then I have to shell quote the file name myself to handle
> spaces, brackets of various sorts, comma characters etc. Will hunt for
> such a function and see. There are all sorts of crazy helper functions
> in /etc/bash_completion, of which I barely understand anything.

I did not find any generic way to quote/escape file names so I
hardcoded some chars I know exist in my file names and used sed:

_mm() {
    local cur files
    files=$(find /home/mathias/Videos/movies/ -iname "*.avi" -type f -
printf "%p\n" | grep "${cur}" | sed 's/\([\(\) ,]\)/\\\1/g')
    local IFS=$'\n'
complete -F _mm mm

However, I don't like it, is feels ugly and one of these days there
will be some other funky char in some filename... :(


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