Mathias Dahl schrieb:
Hm, compgen appears to behave strange if words contain whitespace.
However, you don't need it, as you build the list yourself. Try this:

  _mm2() {
      local cur files
      files=$(find /home/mathias/Videos/movies/ -iname "$cur*.avi" -type
f -printf "%P\n")
      local IFS=$'\n'

Ah, you're right of course, I can do the matching myself. I have yet
another version working now (had to change your latest suggestion and
use grep for matching because -name does not like full paths which
becomes the case here):

_mm() {
    local cur files
    files=$(find /home/mathias/Videos/movies/ -iname "*.avi" -type f -
printf "%p\n" | grep "${cur}")
    local IFS=$'\n'
complete -o filenames -F _mm mm

Now, this works almost. The remaining problem is that because `find'
finds file in subdirs (which I want, otherwise I could add the -
maxdepth option) as well, the `-o filenames' argument to `complete'
does not play well with it. I see the names of files in subdirs listed
when I type TAB (without path) but can never pick them without knowing
the name of the folder they are in.

Hm, I can't see any problem here. My version lets you pick any file in any subdir by simply typing the name (or part of it) without the directory part. After all, 'find -name' matches names, not paths (if you want to match full paths, use 'find -path'). I'd also rather use printf "%P\n" (capital P) instead of %p, the results look nicer (IMHO).


Bernd Eggink

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