> Hm, I can't see any problem here. My version lets you pick any file in
> any subdir by simply typing the name (or part of it) without the
> directory part. After all, 'find -name' matches names, not paths (if you
> want to match full paths, use 'find -path'). I'd also rather use printf
> "%P\n" (capital P) instead of %p, the results look nicer (IMHO).

When I try with %P it works (better). However, when I do that and use
the -o filenames option I see only the filenames of the sub folders
and sometimes that name does not reflect what it is as well as the
folder does (if for example I have a folder called Cool Movie 2 and in
it a file called thefile.avi). So, it seems I did not really want what
I thought I wanted from the beginning :) The output I get now looks
like this:

Some sub folder/file_in_sub_folder.avi

The only annoyance now is the hardcoded quoting (to handle spaces and
other "bad" chars) I do using sed, but I guess I have to live with it.

This has been an interesting topic!


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