On 3/9/18 3:14 AM, don fong wrote:
>     If you'd like to augment the test suite where you feel it lacks something,
>     please feel free to do so.
> tests were included in my patch.  you deleted them.  i think they should
> be added in.

I understand you're pretty chapped about that.  I'm surprised, but I guess
we all pick our hills to die on.

>     > are there any tests that cover the variable modifiers, either unit 
> tests or
>     > functional tests?
>     Yes. The test framework and tests are available for you to see.
> my question was whether you have tests for the variable modifiers.
> i don't see any.  that's the area of code i was touching, and that's why i
> wrote a few tests of that area.

You should probably look at some of the files in the `tests' subdirectory.
The `posixexp' series should have what you want, including the parameter
expansions you're asking about.

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