Date:        Sat, 18 May 2024 08:39:57 -0300
    From:        Matheus Afonso Martins Moreira <>

  | As the user, it should be my prerogative to set the
  | variable on my environment and/or rc so that I can
  | organize my sourceable scripts however I want

Of course.   The issue is that what you want, and what I want, and
what konsolebox wants (and everyone else) are all slighty different.

And as konsolebox's functions show, all this can be implemented,
reasonably easily, outside of the bash source code, in code that
implements whatever you want.   Those functions aren't what I'd
want (for several reasons, not least because they are very bash
dependent) but if I needed something like that, I could write my
own, similar ones.

I think all this just shows that there's no real need to add any
code to bash at all for this, it is OK as it is now (and everyone
should just continue ignoring the PATH search when using '.' (or
"source") and use full path names instead - whether generated by
a function, or an install script, or simply written that way).

If Chet wants to alter the way this works in bash, he can do it
however seems best to him for what the majority of users are likely
to prefer, or just whatever it is he prefers - I am fairly sure it
wouldn't break the simple ". /path/to/file" usage, which is all we
really need to work to be able to do anything we personally like.


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