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an enforcement that no
alias source='source -i' could ever be possible.

This seems ridiculous. There should never be a prohibition against a user
doing something that is not dangerous.

All this is because one writing a 'main' script (#!/bin/bash), sourcing a
package of mine through my package management system, expecting the current
source behavior, and later add the loading of a 'libraries' from a friend
(terminal color jazz) that in turn start to mess around with alias
source='source -i' and BASH_SOURCE_PATH cold start to break my way of
finding my packages.

If you're worried about this, unalias source after loading this friend's
`library'. You're already changing your environment to include it.

An alternative to this would be
BASH_SOURCE_PATH="" don't do nothing with 'source', and allow the
'libraries' designer to do
typeset -r BASH_SOURCE_PATH=""

No. If you want to make sure it's unset, force it to remain unset, and
prevent anyone from setting it,


will do the job.

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