On 5/20/24 4:17 PM, Matheus Afonso Martins Moreira wrote:
And yet people are so opposed to the option that they want ridiculous
restrictions like `you can never alias source="source -i"'.

Yeah. I already feel like I'm insane for even suggesting it.

People feel strongly, it seems. More strongly than I, at least, guessed.

Because other people don't see the issue the same way you do,
and have their own way of doing things?

I suppose. I tried to argue for my viewpoint but convinced no one.

I had no idea that my prompting discussion would result in this much.

I suppose we've all learned that there are a dozen, all slightly
different, bash library/package managers.

For the record I think `source -p $VAR` is an even better solution
than what I proposed. I can send a patch if necessary.

It has some of the same semantic issues. Does using it disable searching
$PWD? Should it fall back to $PATH? What do you do with a null value? (Yes,
no, same as you do today.) It just avoids introducing a new variable.

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