--- Comment #7 from Rainer Orth <ro at CeBiTec dot Uni-Bielefeld.DE> ---
> --- Comment #6 from H.J. Lu < at gmail dot com> ---
> Please provide one separate testcase in assembly code for each instance
> where ld creates dynamic relocs Solaris cannot handle.

I'm trying, but I have a hard time even for the case at hand:

There's not only one, but a couple of those relocs in cc1:

Relocation Section:  .rel.dyn
   index  type                offset     value  section      symbol
   [189]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c79cf4         0  .got         __gmpfr_emin
   [390]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7a01c         0  .got        
   [430]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7a0bc         0  .got        
   [432]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7a0c4         0  .got         __gmpfr_flags
   [546]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7a28c         0  .got        
  [1069]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7aab8         0  .got        
  [1225]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7ad28         0  .got         __gmpfr_emax
  [1330]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7aecc         0  .got        
  [1467]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7b0f0         0  .got        

The definitions are from libmpfr.a (built with --disable-shared
--with-pic), e.g.

   [22]      0   0x4  TLS  GLOB  D    0 .tbss          __gmpfr_flags

In the gld-linked cc1, I find

Symbol Table Section:  .dynsym
   [5850]       0x6c     0x4  TLS  GLOB  D    1 .tbss             __gmpfr_flags

Global Offset Table Section:  .got
   [584]  0x9c7a0c4         0  R_386_UNKNOWN37     __gmpfr_flags

Relocation Section:  .rel.dyn
   [432]  R_386_UNKNOWN37  0x9c7a0c4         0  .got         __gmpfr_flags

while in the ld-linked cc1, there is only:

Symbol Table Section:  .dynsym
   [14735]       0x6c     0x4  TLS  GLOB  D    1 .tbss            __gmpfr_flags

The toolchains are otherwise identical, both using gas 2.30 with either
Solaris ld or gld 2.30, both trees configured with --enable-host-shared,
no (relevant) differences in auto-host.h.

In the ld-linked cc1, there are no got entries for __gmpfr_* symbols at

So far, I've not managed to create a testcase from this.

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