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--- Comment #16 from H.J. Lu < at gmail dot com> ---
[hjl@gnu-6 solaris-1]$ cat dummy.s
        .global _start
        movl    foo@indntpoff, %eax
        .globl  bar
        .type   bar, @function
        leal    foo@tlsgd(,%ebx,1), %eax
        call    ___tls_get_addr@PLT
        movl    (%eax), %eax
        .globl  foo
        .section        .tbss,"awT",@nobits
        .align 4
        .type   foo, @object
        .size   foo, 4
        .zero   4
[hjl@gnu-6 solaris-1]$ gcc -c -m32 dummy.s
[hjl@gnu-6 solaris-1]$ ./ld -m elf_i386_sol2   dummy.o 
./ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) internal error, aborting at
/export/gnu/import/git/sources/binutils-gdb/bfd/elf32-i386.c:3169 in

./ld: Please report this bug.

[hjl@gnu-6 solaris-1]$ ld -m elf_i386   dummy.o 
[hjl@gnu-6 solaris-1]$

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