Paul Eggert wrote:
> Ondřej Vašík <> writes:
> > as reported in by
> > Daniel Qarras, ls -l shows iso long format for en_* locales.
> I just now read that Bugzilla report, and the diagnosis and the
> patch do not seem correct.  The diagnosis says:
> > In ls.c (case locale_time_style)  is dcgettext (NULL, long_time_format[i],
> > LC_TIME); ... that translates the string, but the translation is THE SAME as
> > the default - as the format is the same for en_* locales.
> But that is not what the ls.c source code does.  The code does this:
>                     char const *locale_format =
>                       dcgettext (NULL, long_time_format[i], LC_TIME);
>                     if (locale_format == long_time_format[i])
>                       goto case_long_iso_time_style;
> The "==" test returns true when dcgettext returns the msgid (its 2nd
> argument) because it finds no translation.  If it found a translation,
> dcgettext would return a different string, so the "==" test would
> return false, and the code would use the translation.  Even if the
> translation has the same _contents_ as the msgid, it will have a
> different _address_, so the code is correct as-is and does not need
> this modification.

Ah, sorry... you are right, the address should be different, so the code
is correct, I got confused somehow.
> Also, the proposed patch would use U.S. styles for all English
> locales, which certainly is not right.
> I suspect the diagnosis given by Jim Meyering in comment #3 at that
> bug report is correct, and that something is going wrong at install
> time.

But as Pádraig wrote in the reply, there are no translation for en_*
languages, so long iso style is used - which is imho wrong. The patch is
fixing it (although it seems to be only a workaround and wrong
approach). Better would be to have translations even for en_* locales in
some cases - like this. This is better way than this workaround... Is it
possible add those translations?

Sorry for noise...


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