Pádraig Brady wrote:
> So that will apply generate an en.po with the
> traditional unix format to apply to en_* for e.g.


> $ locale -a | sed -n 's/\(en_..\).*/\1/p' | sort -u |
>> while read LANG; do echo $LANG $(locale territory); done
> en_AG Antigua and Barbuda
> en_AU Australia
> en_BW Botswana
> Is that not functionally equivalent to Ondřej's patch

However, ...

> which is much simpler and probably more efficient?
> His patch will also use an en_ translation if supplied

his added setlocale call (unnecessary in a non-en_* locale)
is not a plus.  Though that could be fixed.

> (say if en_HK wanted a different format).

The only advantage is that my patch uses the existing framework,
rather than adding special case code in ls.c proper.
Whether that is worth the apparent complexity...

If you prefer his patch and want to adjust it and
handle the rest, I have no objection.

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