Jim Meyering <j...@meyering.net> writes:

> However, I'm a little reluctant to change back.
> Let's wait a day or two, in case Paul Eggert has an objection.

Here are some objections to the change, under the assumption that
we're in a poorly-configured environment (as the behavior is
unaffected in well-configured ones):

* The change will cause column-alignment problems in non-English
  locales where %b generates different numbers of columns for
  different months.

* There are more users in non-English locales than in non-"C" English
  locales, and the harm in the non-English case (incomprehensible
  dates) is much greater than the harm in the English case
  (comprehensible but ugly dates).

* The existing code is better for the poorly-configured case where
  only one of the two translations is missing.

Unless I'm missing something, I'd leave it alone, as it sounds like
the change will cause more trouble than it'll cure.

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