Hi Jim,
Jim Meyering schrieb:
> Guenter Knauf wrote:
>> was still something wrong with my last patch?
> Just the timing ;-)
> It was a little too close to release time,
> and applying it, adjusting NEWS and the commit log,
> reviewing, and testing would have taken time I didn't have.
no prob.

> And the fact that you haven't filed copyright assignment paperwork.
> Your change is under the 10-15-line threshold if we look only at the
> changes to md5sum.c, yet over if we also count the added tests.
> I've applied the patch, but would appreciate it if you'd start
> the process:
aah, please not! That paperwork is really not worth at all for such a
trivial change. Dont count the tests - they are not copyright-able :)
Anyway the patch is entirely based on your suggestions, and no new code
was introduced. Claiming a copyright for skipping one space char is a
little bit crazy, isnt it? Even the idea for it is only a logical
conclusion if you just compare the different checksum tools, nothing more.

** I post here on a public list that I donate any rights on this trivial
change to the FSF, and that it was entirely my own idea, and that I am
an independent developer, and not connected to any company. **

I only looked into the patch to speed up the process of getting this
into coreutils, and to the benefit of all users.

thanks, Gün.

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