Guenter Knauf <info <at>> writes:

> > And the fact that you haven't filed copyright assignment paperwork.
> > Your change is under the 10-15-line threshold if we look only at the
> > changes to md5sum.c, yet over if we also count the added tests.
> > I've applied the patch, but would appreciate it if you'd start
> > the process:
> aah, please not! That paperwork is really not worth at all for such a
> trivial change. Dont count the tests - they are not copyright-able :)

In addition to Jim's comment about needing copyright for any future changes, 
I'm adding another observation for anyone who finds this in the archives, and 
considers using it to justify their changes without assignment:

> ** I post here on a public list that I donate any rights on this trivial
> change to the FSF, and that it was entirely my own idea, and that I am
> an independent developer, and not connected to any company. **

Nice try.  Unfortunately, this won't work.  To be legally enforceable, 
copyright disclaimer must go through the signed papers, transmitted via snail 
mail (trust me, if email were sufficient, then FSF would already use that 

Eric Blake

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