Guenter Knauf wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> Jim Meyering schrieb:
>> Guenter Knauf wrote:
>>> was still something wrong with my last patch?
>> Just the timing ;-)
>> It was a little too close to release time,
>> and applying it, adjusting NEWS and the commit log,
>> reviewing, and testing would have taken time I didn't have.
> no prob.
>> And the fact that you haven't filed copyright assignment paperwork.
>> Your change is under the 10-15-line threshold if we look only at the
>> changes to md5sum.c, yet over if we also count the added tests.
>> I've applied the patch, but would appreciate it if you'd start
>> the process:
> aah, please not!

Ok, ok, since it was borderline ;-)
But if you dare to contribute again, I'll have to insist.

> That paperwork is really not worth at all for such a

FWIW, it's really not much work.
You start by sending one of the template email messages to the FSF.
You simply fill in your name and that of the project(s) you're contributing to.
Then the FSF mails you a .PDF (or maybe actual paper) that you
print out, sign, and snail-mail back to Boston.


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