Hello Roger,

You should first try to run ddrescue as follow:

   ddrescue /dev/sdX1 partition1.img partition1.mapfile

Change X in /dev/sdX1 to match the disk letter on your rescue system (you
can also clone the whole disk with /dev/sdX). Make sure that partition1.img
and partition1.mapfile are on a healthy disk with enough space ("same size"
disks often miss a few MB to complete the rescue) and preferably not on a
NTFS partition (writing may become very slow and prevent rescue
completion). You should read ddrescue documentation (
but note that you should use specific options only if the rescue does not
complete with the base command.

Once you have an image, you can analyze it with testdisk (
https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk). If testdisk cannot recover the
partition, you can try to recover the files directly with photorec (



Le mer. 1 févr. 2023 à 19:40, <roger.peter...@accountant.com> a écrit :

>    Hello,
>    I am interested in your program Ddrescue as it may prove to be useful
>    for my scnario. I have written up details of my problem and posted them
>    here
>    ([1]https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/202207-samsung-ssd-2-5-e
>    vo-970-raw-corruption-ntfs.html#post2508531).
>    SSD Specifications:
>    Samsung 2.5" EVO 970 1TB
>    Partition 1 on letter X:\ with 512,001 MB as NTFS on MBR. Formatted
>    with 4096 cluster size. Approximately, 280 GB was used and written to.
>    Note that this SSD has no physical damage and is in excellent health.
>    Samsung software disk quality checks, firmware updates and full format
>    were ran before putting into use.
>    Scenario:
>    Running robocopy.exe from the SSD to cloud storage overnight. Awoken in
>    morning to find SSD in 'corrupt' state and unable to access data via
>    Windows Explorer. USB C ports were intact, no removal of wires or loss
>    of power and unknown why this has occurred.
>    May I kindly request for urgent assistance in my matter. I'm attempting
>    to clone the SSD that may contain bad sectors before attempting to
>    repair.
>    Kind regards,
>    Roger
> References
>    1.
> https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/202207-samsung-ssd-2-5-evo-970-raw-corruption-ntfs.html#post2508531

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