Hi all,

        I've included a patch that allows global to parse and index files 
without an extension (typically C++ header files, e.g. 
/usr/include/c++/4.8/algorithm and many more). This works by having a set of 
rules whereby a user can specify path regexs and the corresponding source file 
types for files without a suffix. This is done by specifying a rule, similar to 
langmap, like this:

default: \

        This can be specified on multiple lines like langmap. Also the regex 
can be used to match any part of a path, including the filename if necessary.

        I know you want patches that apply to the head of your main branch but 
unfortunately our organisation's firewall prevents me from connecting to your 
CVS server, so they are based on your latest release (6.5.4).


        Tony Cooper.

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