Thank you for the patch and suggestion.

I'd like to separate this issue in two cases.

case1: Files under the specific directory like /usr/include/c++/4.2.1

Should that be written on the configuration file as a rule?
In fact shouldn't that be written on the command line of gtags?

$ gtags --language-force=C++:include --language-force=C++:project/include

--language-force=<language>:<file or directory>
If it is a file, it is considered <language> source file.
If it is a directory, all files under it are considered <language>
source file.

If needed, you can make this option default:

# Making project base gtags.conf
$ echo 'default: GTAGS_OPTIONS=--language-force=C++\:include \
--language-force=C++\:project/include' >gtags.conf
$ gtags         # gtags is executed as 'gtags --language-force=...'

case2: Files which have a specific name like 'Makefile'

Since it is considered as a rule, it should be written on the configuration
file, I think. For example, 'Makefile' should be written like:

# A pattern matches only to files.

'(<pattern>)' is a syntax of ctags(1)'s langmap. Since I borrowed 'langmap'
from ctags(1), I would like to copy that again.

What do you think?


2016-09-21 23:52 GMT+09:00 Cooper, Anthony <anthony.coo...@gchq.gsi.gov.uk>:

>        Hi all,
>         I've included a patch that allows global to parse and index files
> without an extension (typically C++ header files, e.g.
> /usr/include/c++/4.8/algorithm and many more). This works by having a set
> of rules whereby a user can specify path regexs and the corresponding
> source file types for files without a suffix. This is done by specifying a
> rule, similar to langmap, like this:
> default: \
>         :GTAGSFORCECPP: \
>         :suffixless_langmap=[iI]nclude\:cpp,project/include\:cpp:
>         This can be specified on multiple lines like langmap. Also the
> regex can be used to match any part of a path, including the filename if
> necessary.
>         I know you want patches that apply to the head of your main branch
> but unfortunately our organisation's firewall prevents me from connecting
> to your CVS server, so they are based on your latest release (6.5.4).
>         Regards,
>         Tony Cooper.
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