Reepca Russelstein <> skribis:

> guix --version returns "guix (GNU Guix) 20161013.22". My config.scm
> included (firmware (cons openfwwf-firmware %base-firmware)). I was using a
> patch provided by bavier from irc to provide openfwwf-firmware (here is the
> patch I created
> /root/guix-modules/gnu/packages/firmware.scm, which was the patched
> version. When I tried running "guix system reconfigure
> --load-path=/root/guix-modules /etc/config.scm" it said that it could not
> find openfwwf-firmware. I then ran "export
> GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=/root/guix-modules" and then ran "guix system reconfigure
> /etc/config.scm" and it successfully found openfwwf-firmware and
> reconfigured the system. That's why I think --load-path is not being
> honored.

I think there’s something subtle going on.  %load-path is adjusted when
command-line arguments are processed, but that happens after (gnu
system) and presumably (gnu packages firmware) have been loaded.
Therefore, your own (gnu packages firmware) module isn’t “seen”.

What I would suggest is to rename your (gnu packages firmware) module
to, say, (my packages firmware), and to use that in your OS config (make
sure to rename both the file and the module name that appears in the
‘define-module’ clause!).

Could you try and report back?


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